Zybon Super mover with a lot of show mileage

Radisson x Amaretto x Farn
Gelding, 2004, grey
located in Simonton/ Texas
Height M
Category Equitation, Hunter
Education Status    showing 3'6'' green hunter

Liza Zybon Katy 1Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic-5Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic1Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic 2Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic2

Amateur Owner friendly, very reliable jumper, automatic lead changes, good mover...
Waco, TX: Winner 3'6'' First Year Green Hunters (after being only two weeks in the USA)