Training week Dec 2013 was a great success...

In the second week of December 2013, a group of young, talented and very motivated juniors arrived to Holland for a valuable training experience at Stal Jan Verellen, organized together with HN Equestrian Mgmt. Four girls made their way from South Africa and one all the way from Australia, together with their parents and under the guidance of their trainer Chad Cunningham, each of them excited to gain further knowledge and insight to the Dutch riding culture.

The riders quickly adapted to their horses, arranged by Stal Jan Verellen and European Sporthorses/ Michael Mildner, and trained them on jumps and flat work throughout the week. The trip to Holland also included visits to famous stud farms, an equine college, a session in mental coaching and the obligatory visit to tack shop heaven. Finally the riders were put to test by competing in a local show on the last day, with great success: two victories, placings and super riding!

Thank you to everyone involved: riders, parents, trainers, and the entire team at the stables, for a fantastic, fun and educational training week –looking forward to welcome you all in 2014 again!

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